Is natural deodorant actually better?

Natural deodorant is no better or worse for your health than traditional deodorant or antiperspirant. Natural deodorants are definitely gentler on the skin (except for some loaded with essential oils). They may not dramatically improve their carbon footprint, since their bottles aren't as natural as their formulas, but they're definitely more environmentally friendly in general. The short answer is no, Rudd says, but people like the word “natural.” Natural deodorants that avoid metal don't have the same problem, so you store your clothes for the long term.

Natural ingredients make it less likely that you'll have skin problems, but the lack of pore-blocking ingredients means that good bacteria work better and can prevent odor even when you're not wearing any deodorant. But are natural deodorants really better for you than the regular Speed Stick? This is what experts and scientific evidence suggest. To counteract this, natural deodorants use organic, sweat-absorbing and antimicrobial ingredients, such as witch hazel, coconut oil, tea tree oil and baking soda. Primarily, natural deodorants rely on non-synthetic plant-based ingredients to create a strong fragrance.

However, while experts weren't aware of any rigorous and direct studies comparing the effectiveness of natural deodorants with antiperspirants, it stands to reason that they don't counteract odor in the same way an antiperspirant does. While the evidence doesn't support the idea that conventional deodorants and antiperspirants have negative health effects, some people prefer to use natural products made without artificial ingredients. And while natural deodorants may contain seemingly healthier ingredients than conventional pharmacy antiperspirants, they can also contain substances that can irritate the skin.

Natural deodorant

users continue to sweat because the products forego the proven antiperspirant, aluminum.

Worse, “you'll often see that someone has a rash with a natural deodorant and puts on balms and other 'natural' remedies that contain more of the same ingredients, Dr. Sweats with a natural deodorant on, although the real test of its effectiveness is whether you experience body odor or not. Because natural deodorants use well-known, recognizable and skin-friendly ingredients to control odors, they're safer. For example, Tom's of Maine, a brand known for selling natural products, offers some antiperspirant products that do contain aluminum, along with its many aluminum-free deodorants.

Beyond that, there is no consensus or evidence that certain ingredients in natural deodorant products are more effective than others. But do these natural deodorants actually work? And are they better for your health? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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