What are the benefits of wearing natural deodorant?

Sweating is the body's natural cooling mechanism. You'll feel confident in your safety. In keeping with our commitment to holistic beauty solutions, for people and the planet, our new deodorant is 100% natural, biodegradable and waste-free. Packaged in a small recyclable flower-lined box, this natural deodorant is a very discreet addition to your beauty shelf.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of switching to a natural deodorant is that you don't have to worry about aluminum in your body. Or if you're looking for something with maximum protection, you can try the natural peppermint and spearmint deodorant. By not blocking these pores, good bacteria can thrive under arms, which naturally don't smell bad by nature. So if you like your white organic cotton t-shirts like we do, this is just another reason and benefit of natural deodorant.

The biggest difference is that natural deodorants refrain from using aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium to block pores, a common ingredient in antiperspirants. Once you exceed the initial adjustment period, natural deodorants block odors just as well as aluminum-based antiperspirants. Today we'll discuss the health benefits of natural deodorant and why you should think twice before taking it again. Natural deodorants help neutralize odor, rather than preventing you from sweating, based on the botanical active ingredients used, rather than chemical components.

The experts said they weren't aware of any studies that reliably looked at how well natural deodorants work. In fact, natural deodorants help combat irritation and provide a more conditioning sensation than general sprays and sprays. Because most natural deodorants aren't aluminum-based, they contain safer ingredients that are more pleasant to the skin. Because normal, natural deodorants don't contain aluminum (which is what helps antiperspirants minimize sweating), they generally rely on ingredients such as fragrances and baking soda to mask body odor.

Just the thought of swapping your trusted antiperspirant for a natural alternative can make you sweat, so know that this change is backed by both nature and science.

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