Why is natural deodorant better than regular?

Traditional chemical-laden deodorants tend to clog pores and make it difficult for the body to sweat as needed. First of all, they do not clog pores. Leaving pores open allows the body to detoxify, releasing bacteria and chemicals such as BPA through sweating. It helps lower the body's internal temperature, keeping you cooler.

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Using a natural deodorant is a great way to keep annoying odors at bay and, at the same time, maintain skin health. Sweating is a normal, healthy function, which actually helps eliminate toxins that cause odor in the long term. With natural deodorant, you can eliminate those unwanted odors without interrupting the natural processes in question. Plus, with all the natural and safe ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that you're not adding more toxins to your system.

Unnatural antiperspirants don't stop sweat at its source. It simply temporarily blocks the exit of pores. The sweat eventually goes away, simply lengthening the amount of time it takes to notice unpleasant odors. It's best to let the body regulate itself naturally, attacking skin bacteria and natural odors as you go.

IMPAKTER ECO offers a wide variety of natural deodorants that reduce unpleasant body odor and carbon footprint. The short answer is no, Rudd says, but people like the word “natural”. Rudd's key message is that a natural deodorant is not going to be “better or more effective” than a traditional one. But do these natural deodorants actually work? And are they better for your health? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Primarily, natural deodorants rely on non-synthetic plant-based ingredients to create a strong fragrance. And while natural deodorants may contain seemingly healthier ingredients than conventional pharmacy antiperspirants, they can also contain substances that can irritate the skin. Natural deodorant for men combats odor with ingredients such as blue cypress oil, peppermint oil, spearmint leaf oil and lavender oil. However, while experts were not aware of any rigorous and direct studies comparing the effectiveness of natural deodorants with antiperspirants, it stands to reason that they don't counteract odor in the same way that an antiperspirant does.

It will take a while for your body to adapt to the natural ingredients and release the buildup of standard deodorant. Natural deodorant users continue to sweat because the products give up the proven antiperspirant, aluminum. There has been an explosion of brands of natural deodorants, made with plant-based and mineral ingredients (for example, coconut oil and arrowroot). Because normal, natural deodorants don't contain aluminum (which is what helps antiperspirants minimize sweating), they generally rely on ingredients such as fragrances and baking soda to mask body odor.

Some manufacturers of natural deodorants claim that their product does not inhibit the body's ability to dissipate toxins. Experts said they weren't aware of any studies that reliably looked at how well natural deodorants work. The last problem is that natural deodorants can be a disaster because of their environmentally friendly packaging and plant-based ingredients. Worse, “you'll often see that someone has a rash with a natural deodorant and puts on balms and other 'natural' remedies that contain more of the same ingredients,” Dr.

Some brands of natural deodorants have marketed their products as “microbiome-friendly”, stating that it's not only good for the health of skin, but also minimizes odor by promoting the growth of “good bacteria”. .

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